Staff Directory

Indian Woods Middle School

To reach a staff member, please call the Indian Woods Office (913)993-0600

Student having a late arrival, early dismissal or will be absent? Please call the attendance line by 9:15 a.m. (913)993-0612 

Attendance Line: Please state your students First and Last name, spell the last name, grade and the reason for their full or partial day absence from school. 

John Bartel Principal - 8th Grade
Lindsey Constance Associate Principal -7th Grade & Athletic Dir.
Mary Sutton Secretary & Registrar
Sommer Saunders Attendance Secretary
Pat DeVeau Bookkeeper
Theresa Larson Office Aide
Nora Mejia Spanish Interpreter
Cate Short Nurse
Micah Botsford Nurse Aide
Kacey Reynolds Librarian
Jamie Provost Instructional Coach
Haley Reiff Athletic Trainer
Jennifer Herrmann   Counselor - 8th Grade
Beth Gershon           Counselor - 7th Grade
Julie Johnson Social Worker
Melissa Sanders       School Psychologist
Carie Barber SEEK
COMING SOON Speech COMING SOON            
COMING SOON Speech COMING SOON            
Kelsey Phillips Teacher - Art 
Lauren Seals Teacher - Art
Megan Hoelscher Teacher - Band
COMING SOON Teacher - Careers/Computer Dimensions COMING SOON           
Rebecca Donahoo Teacher - Choir
Hannah Willems Teacher - Computer Dimensions
Shelly Huffman Teacher - Creative Writing/Performance
Alyssa Cole Teacher - FACS/Foods
Jarita Tate Teacher - FACS/Foods
Emili Neubauer Teacher - French COMING SOON             
Matthew Jenkinson Teacher -  Industrial Tech
COMING SOON Teacher - Orchestra COMING SOON             
Dennis "DJ"  Hilding Teacher - PE/Health
Hannah Lukinac Teacher - PE/Health
Adam Dougherty Teacher - Personal Fitness
Linda Longoria Teacher - Spanish
Nick Ruiz Teacher - Spanish COMING SOON             
Bridgette Baker Teacher - English
Dr. Denise Caresio    Teacher - English/Journalism
Kristen Dirks Teacher - English 
Caroline Godfrey Teacher - English
Abby Stack Teacher - English
COMING SOON Teacher - English COMING SOON             
Angela Tripp Teacher - English
Kumiko Horiuchi Teacher - ELL
Ceilia Raab Para - ELL Aide
Cassidy Broll Teacher - Math
COMING SOON Teacher - Math COMING SOON           
Ann David Teacher - Math
Jonathon Dirks Teacher - Math
Mary Fulbright Teacher - Math
Theresa Kipper Teacher - Math
Nicholas Sixta Teacher - Math
Seth Spurlock Teacher - Math
Helaine Cohn Teacher - Science
Nathan Franck Teacher - Science  COMING SOON           
Vanessa Hannan Teacher - Science
Beth Richards Teacher - Science
Genie Scruton Teacher - Science
Wade Welton Teacher - Science
Kelsey Carnahan         Teacher - Social Studies
Gregory Darrington Teacher - Social Studies
Danielle Fajen Teacher - Social Studies COMING SOON           
Carrie Jackson Teacher - Social Studies COMING SOON           
Julie Oglesby Teacher - Social Studies
Stephanie Staley Teacher - Social Studies
  Teacher - SPED  
Michelle DeAngelis Teacher - SPED - 7th grade
COMING SOON Teacher - SPED - 7th grade COMING SOON           
Kristin Archer Teacher - SPED - 8th grade
COMING SOON Teacher - SPED - 8th grade COMING SOON           
Katie Bennett Paraprofessional
Jennifer Graf Paraprofessional
Kimberly Harwood Paraprofessional
Jo Anna Stone Paraprofessional
Maragret Sweetman Paraprofessional
Donna Mullins             Kitchen Manager
Cathy Catron Assistant
Lizette Roberts Assistant
Emily Wakefield Assistant
Mike Alghsein              Head Custodian
Phann Dychuring Custodian 
Jose Fernandez Lead Custodian 
Stacey Hancock Building Sub 
Angela McAuliffe Building Sub